Social Selling on LinkedIn

This training will create your path to success as a Social Selling® champion! This means that you need to learn a lot about LinkedIn, what customers are looking for and how to use the time you spend on LinkedIn to get the most sales dollars. LinkedIn has developed an index they call SSI (Social Selling Index). With the help of Social Selling e-training, you will increase your SSI and be able to build your pipeline with new business. When you have an SSI that is over 70, you can call yourself Social Selling® champion. And that is one of the goals of this e-training.

You will get started quickly and will notice how each So- cial Selling activity increases confidence in you and you company, that your customers and prospects will respo positively and that your network will increase. Step by step, you will use Social Selling as a natural part of your sales work.


  • Social Selling: How it can double your sales
  • How customers use LinkedIn and social media to find suppliers and get purchase recommendations
  • How to build your Social Selling process and digital sales plan
  • The formula for Social Selling: Target group * Message * Network = Effect
  • How to contact people, build relationships and book meetings
  • How to find the right people or customers you want to sell to
  • How to get engaged and contribute ideas and relevant content to arouse interest
  • How to pick up interesting leads and get others to recommend you and spread your message
  • How to build a complete professional LinkedIn profile
  • Daily routines and weekly planning

Social Selling® digital sales training contains 10 videos, materials, tasks with personal feedback, the book "The Art of Succeeding with Social Selling, from Likes to Business" by Jens Edgren, 15 templates for contact requests, 10 templates for meeting bookings, suggestions on Linkedinposter and much more . After passing the quiz and assignments, an International Social Selling® diploma is issued.

About sales training

  • The training takes about 2-4 hours to complete
  • Suitable for everyone who does and participates in solution sale
  • Personal feedback on information & comment
  • 10+ movies and practical examples from sales situations

Based on the Solution Selling® methodology

After passing the quiz, an international diploma is issued.

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