Virtual sales meeting

The trend is that more and more sales meetings take place via digital channels, shorter and with more participants - regardless of where you and your customer are geographically. Once you and your team have learned to master the digital sales meeting, you have gained a competitive advantage. Effective digital sales meetings shorten the sales process by 28.4% and increase the hit rate by 17.5%.

10 skills you will learn

  • How to make professional digital sales meetings
  • How to build your pitch story
  • How to use image, sound and your body language to engage the customer
  • How to invite and prepare your digital sales meetings
  • How to get the customer to contribute their ideas via interactive tools
  • How to ask questions
  • Get the right technical equipment
  • Choose the right meeting program and tools to capture input and feedback
  • Learn to use online sales meetings to streamline sales
  • How to give feedback to the customer after the virtual presentation

About the sales training

  • The training takes about 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Suitable for everyone who does and participates in solution sales
  • Personal feedback on information & comments
  • 10+ movies and practical examples from sales situations

Based on the Solution Selling® methodology. After passing the quiz, an international diploma is issued

Course agenda