The art of negation

Do you love to negotiate? Or do you get a stomach ache from price negotiations? With mega-competition and price transparency driven by the internet and price comparisons, the price easily comes into focus, not the solution or the value. If you could plan the negotiation, help the customer see “wins” outside the price and be able to get through your interests / agreement points in the negotiations, the deal would be more profitable. When new demands for discounts and conditions come up late in the business discussion, it is important to be able to have ice in your stomach and have a clear negotiation strategy to be able to calm the deal home.

10 skills you will learn

  • When and how the customer negotiates in the buying process
  • How to defend your price to build credibility, customer stories & ROI
  • How to plan your negotiation in several steps, solution, technology, finances and conditions
  • How to give and take in a way that feels fair, to create a give and take list and what is not negotiable
  • To evaluate your bargaining power and bargaining position with the sales compass
  • To ask questions in the right way to explore the space for negotiation
  • How to set the negotiation space before the negotiation begins and find the green zone
  • How buyers negotiate, 7 negotiation strategies
  • How to conduct a professional negotiation in 5 steps
  • Negotiation theory: win-win and win / lose

About sales training

  • The training takes about 2-4 hours to complete.
  • Suitable for everyone who does and participates in solution sales
  • Personal feedback on information & comments
  • 10+ movies and practical examples from sales situations

Based on the Solution Selling® methodology. After passing the quiz and assignments, an International Diploma is issued