Strategic sales pitch

Do you want to be able to make a sales pitch in 2-3 minutes that makes the customer want to spend time, money and resources on you and your company? The sales training "Strategic sales pitch" gives you the knowledge to make sales pitches in a digital sales environment, tools and training.

Prepare a digital sales pitch - Create a powerful digital sales pitch - Implement a sales pitch at a digital sales meeting - Follow up a sales pitch with the customer's decision makers.

10 skills you will learn

  • How a sales pitch creates more business
  • How to build a sales pitch, step by step
  • How and where to find the information needed
  • How to analyze the customer's challenges, goals and strategic initiatives
  • How to present a sales pitch at a digital sales meeting
  • How to create a presentation of your sales pitch
  • How to engage the customer in your sales pitch
  • How to ask questions and get the customer to prepare for the meeting
  • How to book customer meetings with new customers with your sales pitch on Linkedin
  • How to follow up your sales pitch

About the sales training

  • The training takes about 2-4 hours to complete
  • Suitable for everyone who does and participates in solution sale
  • Personal feedback on information & comment
  • 10+ movies and practical examples from sales situations

Based on the Solution Selling @ methodology. After passing the quiz, an international diploma is issued