The MEDDICC Go Live Plan is a mutual close plan that focuses on the solution going live as the goal, not closing the deal, thus making it much more likely that a customer will buy into its use. It is a useful resource for new customers and helps take control of the closing process with a purchasable go-live plan. The plan helps ensure that nothing important is left out of the go-live deployment or falls behind schedule. It is used to manage the closing stages of deals, including decision process and paper process.

Schedule joint planning sessions where both parties can contribute to shaping the contract terms. Encourage brainstorming and collaborative problem-solving. Address potential challenges proactively and seek mutually beneficial solutions. This joint effort can lead to a more comprehensive and balanced agreemenT.

When creating a GO-LIVE plan, start with the date the customer wants to go live and then plan backwards. We call this day "The first day of operations", FDO.

The Go-live plan helps the seller and the customer to plan the most important events. I call the win´s.

They dont have to be in this order but normally are:

* Needs win: agreement on the minimal set of needs

* Techincal win: agreement of the technical needs

* Solution win: agreement on the solution, procuct and services the customer wants to buy

* Administrative win: agreement on how the vendor and customer will organize payments, contractual agreements and collaboration (is some cases there must be a frame agreement in place first, and in some other cases the seller must sell through a contracting partner)

* Legal win: agreement on all the terms and conditions

* finacial win: agreement on payment and payment terms

* Contract win: the contract is signed by both parties

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