No Pressure Sales part 1

1. Laughter – Comment on something that is positively true about the other person

The easiest way is to get the customer into the green light is to elicit a laugh and then quickly move on to the needs analysis. You do this by asking a question, commenting on something positive about the other person or saying something positive you have in common. Look and listen carefully - notice how the person laughs and relaxes, exhales. Then there is relaxation and contact. Avoid talking too much about the weekend, vacation or anything else that makes the customer's mind wander. Why? When you ask the client to tell about the weekend, the client will enter a relaxed mental state, resting. When the customer is at rest, nothing happens, think para-sun, sun and bath. When you then want to shift focus to
a needs analysis, it can be very abrupt, even difficult. Some tips:–- Comment on something you see in the room and ask a question–- Comment on something you notice in the other person that you perceive as positive–- Tell about something interesting and positive that happened–- Tell us about something fatal that happened–- When the laughter comes - quickly change the focus to the topic of the meeting.

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