How to use conversation tools: mirror, labeling and what & how questions

"A new thought can never replace an existing one"

When you want to move on and the client expresses concerns, hurdles or uncertanty most sales people use logical reasoning and offer ideas to move the situation forward. The most common response is a weak "yes" and still nothing happnes. The customers concerns are still there.

Instead of going the traditional way, using traditional sales talk - we suggest something totally different: listen better, listen differently. The use of three porwerful conversation tools will dio the trick:

  1. Labeling: put words on a feeling you pick up from the customer "It seems that you are frustrated with the present state of things" (and the just be silent)
  2. Mirroring: Repeat the last 3 words the client said: "A lot of trouble with the present vendor". Make it sound like a satement. Ideal response would be "thats right" - you understand where they are coming from.
  3. What and how questions: let the ciustomer solve his/her own concern: "How can you solve that? What to do?" - this simple method changes the state of the clients mind (if he/she is ready at this point) to be creative and explore ways.

Look at the videos: you will see John go down the traditional way and fail. And you will see how different John approcahes the same situation using the 3 techniques. Notice the difference in the reaction of the customer.

How and when can you use labeling, mirroring and what & how questions?

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